1.  What is the purpose of the Long Range Planning Committee?

The LRPC is a group of diverse individuals from the community tasked with studying
and prioritizing the facility needs of Northwest ISD. These representatives created and presented a recommendation to the Northwest ISD Board of Trustees for a May 2017 bond election.


2. Why is the school district working with a Long Range Planning Committee now?

Northwest ISD is one of the fastest growing school districts in the state adding more

than 1,200 students each year, with more on the way in upcoming school years.

The district must continually evaluate facilities and support systems to determine

if learning environments, equipment and infrastructure are equipped to best
support the future of a growing student population.


3. How many bond elections has Northwest ISD held in the last 5 years?

Northwest ISD has held two bond elections in the last five years:

May 2017: Voters approved a $399 million bond.

November 2012: Voters approved a $255 million bond.
The 2012 bond allowed for construction of V.R. Eaton High School, Adams Middle School (scheduled to open in August 2017), facilities at the Outdoor Learning Center, updated technology and additions and improvements to existing facilities.

The 2017 bond will fund three new elementary schools, expansions at several schools, land acquisition for future school sites, CTE upgrades, an aquatics center, fine arts renovations, and much more.


4. What is the district’s current tax rate?

A school district’s tax rate is comprised of two components: Maintenance & Operations (M&O) and Interest & Sinking (I&S). The M&O rate is used to operate the school district, including salaries, utilities, furniture, supplies, food, gasoline, etc. The I&S rate is used to pay debt from school construction bonds. Currently, Northwest ISD has a M&O tax rate of $1.04 and an I&S tax rate of $0.45 for a total tax rate of $1.49.


5. How were the Long Range Planning Committee members selected?

The Long Range Planning Committee is comprised of individuals from the community who represent the diversity and multifaceted interests within Northwest ISD, including parents, grandparents and non-parents, teachers and district staff, community leaders, business owners and more. With each member bringing a unique mindset to the table, the committee will represent the residents living within the school district reflecting
the larger community values, needs and desires.


6. Am I allowed to attend meetings for the Long Range Planning Committee if
I am not a committee member?

Due to a limited number of meetings and the wide variety of information being discussed and prioritized by members, committee meetings will be closed to public comment. However, non-members are welcome to attend and listen.



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